Our Values

EightX is well positioned with key differentiators

In search of heightened asset performance, uncorrelated turns and other non-traditional return profiles, EightX is pursuing long-term value via:

  • Establishing strong market position to provide baseline cashflows in traditional markets.
  • Identifying opportunities to rebuild and grow; establishing an edge through technology, expertise, scale, risk management and control and operational efficiencies.
Investment Strategy
We focus our investments on small to mid–sized companies in the Asia Pacific Region. Companies that we have invested and managed in present high growth opportunities and are establishing if not established in the region. EightX Capital provides not only just investments, but also our expertise in corporate management as well as synergies between our partners to maximise the growth potential of our portfolio companies.
Our Vision
We aspire to have industry-leading capabilities applied to a portfolio of high growth assets in the most attractive industries while reaping synergistic effects between our portfolio companies to maximise our growth potential.