Summary of Business
Data Powered Beverage Manufacturing
Key Highlights
Brewery Location:
Senoko, Singapore, 20,000 sqft
Full Brewery Licenses

EightX Manufacturing started out with a mission to carefully curate flavours that are adaptable to global beverage trends, while also suitable to local tastebuds. This blends well with EightX’s strength in research and development, an integral part of the company’s DNA.

Leveraging on EightX Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art brewing production facilities as well as laboratory, the team works closely with the EightX Deep Technology division to understand the flavour profile of Singaporeans in a data-centric manner.

This gave birth to the SevenDaze production line, where beers are freshly produced and unpressurised, in accordance to strict data interpretation and controls in order to deliver disruptive innovative beers. Today, EightX Manufacturing produces beers and other beverages which can be found in EightX Lifestyle’s outlets and are growing in presence.

Apart from beer, the brewery produces flavoured water, sparkling water, artesian water and other alcoholic beverages.

Craft Beers
Born in 2021, follow our journey towards standing with the giants in the international craft beer scene.
EightX Manufacturing
Shaping the anticipated future of beverages
Open collaborations enable greater innovation cooperation between companies affiliated with EightX, and is complemented by our brewery specialists’ knowledge and best-in-class technology.