Deep Technology

Summary of Business
Data Analytics with a focus in Innovation Technology
Key Highlights
No of Industries
8 Industries Integrated

EightX Deep Technology employs sophisticated data strategy to add tangible value to our investments in two key areas – industry know-how and data analytics. The division pushes the boundaries of innovation in three key verticals: Technology, Lifestyle, and Environmental Sustainability.

The team focuses on the convergences of approaches and of technologies, such as AI, Extended Reality, Machine Learning, Multi-Experience, and Big Data, to power innovation.

Ultimately, EightX Deep Technology drives toward bringing the power of data and computation to the physical world and synergies across EightX’s divisions.

EightX’s latest innovation – Lifestyle Hubs in Singapore – is a collaborated effort between EightX’s Lifestyle and Deep Technology divisions, aimed at transforming and improving consumer lifestyle experiences. The team at Deep Technology leverages a combination of the aforementioned approaches and technologies to derive actionable analytics from the Lifestyle division’s rich data of consumer-related information. As a result, the Lifestyle division is uniquely positioned to offer a complete customisable lifestyle experience.