Our Team

The heart and soul of EightX is its people. From our on the ground staff (made up of operators, technicians, engineers) to our corporate office staff (including accountants, HR professionals, investment professionals), the dedication of the EightX team keeps our company dynamic, forward-looking and growing.

Meet the team

Wang Zhen Shang


Mr Wang is responsible for leading the EightX Board, focusing on key strategic matters, overseeing and setting high governance standards for all assets within the EightX Diversified Portfolio. Mr Wang brings with him more than 40 years of successful international experiences in various industries such as mining, energy, building materials and cement engineering.

Davin Ongsono, CFA


Davin is EightX’s Chief Executive Officer and he is responsible for overseeing the EightX Group’s investment strategies, risk management, strategic planning and growth initiatives. Prior to EightX, Davin held a variety of senior management positions in the energy sector with a focus on capital markets and portfolio management. He was also part of the investment and research team at JANA Investment Advisers, Australia’s largest asset consultancy with a cumulative AUM of over AUD 850 billion.

Davin holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Melbourne, majoring in Actuarial Studies, and a Master’s degree from Melbourne Business School, majoring in Finance. Davin is also a CFA charterholder.

Sean Tan


Sean is EightX’s Chief Investment Officer and he is responsible for all investment strategies and portfolio companies in EightX. Prior to EightX, Sean head a variety of senior management positions in PLCs, including as the Director of Corporate Finance & Energy at ZACD Group Limited (HKEX:8313) and most recently as the Project Director at a private equity fund. Sean has led numerous complex corporate finance transactions and exercises with a cumulative value of over USD 2.5 billion.

Sean holds a BSc(Hons) in Mathematical Sciences and Economics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Dario Ongsono


Dario is EightX’s CTO and is responsible for spearheading the formulation and execution of disruptive technologies in archaic industries. With the pursuit of continually challenging the status quo, Dario is always looking to utilise next-gen technologies to develop technological products that deliver user-centric experiences and optimise business processes. Before EightX, Dario was the CTO of VA Sciences, a leading Australian scientific consultancy firm, steering their software engineering division on projects alongside Deloitte, Harvard University, IAG and Suncorp.

Dario holds a Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) and a Master of Information Technology (1st Class Honours) from RMIT University, Australia.

Iva Tirtanaprajogo


As the Head of Operations, Iva is responsible for all project management, development coordination and operational matters across all assets within the EightX Diversified Portfolio companies. Prior to EightX, Iva served in various leadership roles in operational management in various industries such as mining, energy, building materials and cement engineering.